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Review: Stealing the Dragon's Heart by Kiersten Fay

Dragon shifters are a weakness of mine. I don't care about the story blurb, give me the book if there is a dragon shifter. I didn't read this blurb either, not only because it has dragons in it, but because it is from Ms. Fay who is an auto read for me. I really enjoyed this book. This Dragon Lords series is captivating and I can't wait to see what will happen next.

When a book starts out with action and conflict, I'm pulled immediately in. Onnika and Caryn's first appearance in this book is filled with anger, hate and running for their lives. I want to know what is going on and soon, we learn their history and it is pretty dire.

I enjoy action packed books. This latest book is filled with danger, obstacle courses and the fight to survive. The race ... Phase Nine is a race like no other. There are few rules and many times contestants do not survive. Aidan's been manipulated to run this race. Under duress, he will get it done, but his heart is not into it.

The conflicts in this book are well thought out and mesh well with one another. I've been reading Ms. Fay for a while now. I'm not sure if this genre is more her writing groove or her writing ability has matured. Either way, I'm loving it. This book is filled with angst, strong characters, meaningful backstory and hope. The world building does take a little bit of a backseat as this is a series with each book revealing a bit more about this world of different mythical creatures.

What I also enjoyed about this book is along with the serious tone of it, there is brevity. Onnika is a minx of sorts. Her sense of humour and playfulness is much needed. It helps pull Aidan out of the funk he's been in for years. On top of that, her daredevil attitude is merciless. Some of the challenges in the race are literally lethal. She is a risk taker and pulls Aidan into her shenanigans. Her fast reflexes and ability to think outside the box is fantastic. I loved when she coaxed Aidan to transform into a dragon for one of the competitions. That was a memorable one.

This action packed fantasy is recommended to paranormal romance readers who also enjoy space operas and females who have zero regard for authority.

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