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Review: Storm Cursed by Patrica Briggs

★★★★ @Mercys_Garage #StormCursed

Switching from the fae and European werewolf politics, a new bad is in town. I always knew the witches were bad news here and this book proves it. Mercy comes back in this story fierce and utilizes her special walker abilities again. This is not my favourite book in the series but it is interesting. I wonder if it is a new storyarc that will run across multiple books similar to the Fae storyline.

This tale dragged a little for me as the reveal regarding the witches is slow and a bit torturous. One of the darker books in this series, Mercy needs to rely on allies, even those that disturb her. I am not a fan of zombies. The zombies in this book are worse because of how they are tied to the witch. It kind of breaks my heart a little. We also learn more about the werewolf Sherman. It is clear that Bran knows more about him and is preferring to stay silent. The more I learn about him, the sadder I become.

This series has proven one thing to me. The longer a supernatural lives, the worse their life will be. There are so many more opportunities for heartbreak and bad situations. It seems almost every long lived character in this book suffered and continues to suffer in some manner. I like this underlying message because it does make a person think twice before accepting pseudo immortality. Especially if there are some nasty oldies out there willing to do anything for more power and again.

As with how it usually is, the day is saved by Mercy with her unique chaos abilities. I like what Mercy did here and she stays true to her character. She is loyal, steadfast, and does her best to protect those she feels responsible for and she does a great job of it. The ending is a bit squicky as I didn't expect an unrequianted desire for Mercy's husband Adam. It does lead in nicely to the next book in this series. This urban fantasy is recommended to readers who enjoy zombies and enemies of my enemies are my friends theme.


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