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Review: Swearing at a Sea Monster by Lauren Connolly

★★★★ @laurenaliciaCon #SwearingataSeaMonster

I am loving this series. At first glance, it seems a bit whimsical with its twist on fated mates. As the story unfolds it becomes apparent that heavy topics such as discrimination based on "skin" so to speak and people with different types of thinking are dressed in manners so clear as to why these prejudices should not be condoned. I love Ms. Connolly for presenting serious misconceptions to show how differences are not bad to be feared or shunned.

This third book can be read as a standalone. I recommend reading all the books because they are all gems. Moira and Levi have been coming head to head on several occasions, in spite of Levi's desire to partner with her. Levi believes he knows why Moira hates him. It's because he is a monster. Moira's reason once revealed is a shocker. This conflict is the initial plot device to make this an enemies-to-lovers theme. This story is so much more.

First, I LOVE what Levi turns into. Oh my word... he is absolutely divine. I hate his mother for giving him a complex. I love that Moira finds him sexually appealing in any form. Their inability to communicate effectively drives me batty. It isn't exactly contrived conflict but it comes close.

Second, I adore Levi's business. Everything about it from the building design, why he is opening the business to how he staffs it is amazing. Levi is an empathic leader who wants the best for his people. He is admirable and wonderful in so many ways. He's a perfect match for Moira because she's the same. They just don't see eye to eye because Moira is closed off. She has a reason for it, but she makes the usual Rookie mistake . . . making assumptions instead of finding out facts.

Third, watching the fireworks go off between these two is fun and keeps me riveted to the book. I devoured the book in one sitting and re-read parts I enjoyed. The dynamic between these two is hilarious at times and sweet at other times. Their chemistry is hot and palpable.

Lastly, speaking of chemistry, these two have glorious sex. I adored every minute of it. The scenes in here are different and super hot. I like reading something unique and different. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like enemies-to-lovers themes that include heartbreak, sweet promises, and new beginnings.

* I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.


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