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Review: Tempted by Maya Banks

Having your Daddy buy your husband is never a good sign. Nor is it a good start to a marriage when you don't know that your Daddy stipulated the man had to marry you in order to close the deal on their business merger. Ashley is the little princess who is tricked into marrying Devon. When the truth is revealed, it crushes her.

This trope is an old one yet Ms. Banks still makes it fresh in a way that I enjoyed it. Ashley is no spoiled princess. She's a sweet and fun loving woman. Her spontaneity is the best thing about her. Devon is not exactly a stick in the mud. He is a determined man who earned his success through hard work. Their lack of communication and false start is the downfall. It's a train wreck that both Devon and the readers know will happen yet we can't stop it.

I liked Devon. He wanted to do the right thing and he's not a bad guy. Yes he made some stupid mistakes and he didn't really get to know Ashley. I'd say the same thing about Ashley. She made a foolish mistake and compounded it. Where other stories go south for me, Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss did not because Ms. Banks cleverly designs these characters. These characters aren't victims. They don't play the woe is me card. They are sad and regretful, but they push on to try and make it better. I think this is why I enjoyed the story so much. I liked both Devon and Ashley who weren't flawless yet they were perfect for each other.

Plus, Ms. Banks creates beautiful scenes and her stories just flow so well. This was a sweet story which moved fast with a guaranteed happily ever after. I recommend this story to romance lovers who want a happily ever after despite a very rocky start.

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