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Review: The Barbecue by Joey W. Hill

★★★★ @JoeyWHill #bookreview #TheBarbecue #FreeRead

Looking for a warm fuzzy story where friends can gather together and enjoy each other's company? Do you remember those times? It seems so long ago when we were carefree. For those who loved the Knights of the Board Room and the Mistresses of the Board Room, this is a delectable short story where the two groups cross over and enjoy their time together.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story as we revisit some of our favourite characters from the two series. There are a couple of sexy scenes. For the most part, this is friends enjoying their time in a low key and private place. It isn't a play party, but it definitely enjoys the kinky undercurrent of BDSM. This makes the story arousing and keeps a reader's sex at a simmer, just waiting for a chance to pounce on someone.

This is a tightly written story which brings tears to the eyes as a surprise reconnection brings closure. As well as a possible power couple may have a new beginning. This ebb and flow of this group is sweetly displayed by the talented Ms. Hill. I love it. This short story is highly recommended to readers who are waiting for the next Mistress of the Board Room book to come out.

Find a copy of this free book HERE.


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