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Review: The Bullet by Iris Johansen

★★★★ @Iris_Johansen #Netgalley #TheBullet

"Who is John Galt?" Is the question that keeps running through my head as I read this book. One of my favourite books I have read is Atlas Shrugged. John Galt is a mysterious man who is a bit of a psychic. In The Bullet, Cameron returns to this series as a new scientist who meets his criteria pops onto the scene. I really enjoyed this book because Cameron is like John Galt. No hesitation, if John from Atlas Shrugged or Cameron from the Eve Duncan series came to me and said, "I am interested in you and would like you to join me." I would grab my spouse, pets and disappear.

In this latest edition, The Bullet is the mythical panacea that so many hope to discover or create. In a mission of mercy trip, Dr. Diane Connors accidentally discovers a plant that has provided unusual attributes to a specific family. From here on out, it is a race to see who will take ownership of Diane's discovery.

The Eve Duncan series is becoming more and more supernatural instead of contemporary suspense. I kind of like it. Ms. Johansen takes well known concepts and brings it into current events. This one, I especially liked because two of my favourite secondary characters in this series showed up. I like Catherine, the CIA agent who befriended Eve years ago. I also adore Cameron because I like what he's created and in my older age, I'm leaning more towards the world he is creating rather than the one Catherine is trying to defend and protect.

I like how this story made me think about if the world is worth saving. It seems as if there is more chaos and more selfishness. Those in power who should be helping and protecting are instead corrupt and greedy. At what point do we write off the society as a loss and let it implode? Catherine and Cameron's argument is very real and I appreciate Ms. Johansen for blurring the lines and not making one view good and the other bad. It is left up to the reader to decide based on their own experiences and beliefs.

I thoroughly enjoyed this newest addition into the Eve Duncan series. I recommend it to readers who enjoy speculative fiction, suspense and believe in conspiracy groups controlling the world.

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