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Review: The Dawn of the End by Kristen Ashley

★★★★★ @KristenAshley68 #TheDawnoftheEnd

During a dark time of my life, a friend of mine, Candace Blevins introduced me to the Rock Chicks. I loved the books and I found that Kristen Ashley just does something for me. From there, I have read through some of her backlists and I never wanted to try her paranormal. On a lark, in the 1001 Dark Nights collections, I read a Fantasyland Novella. I LOVED IT. I quickly read through her entire Fantasyland series. When the last book was read, I fell into a low as I wanted more in this universe. I found her Rising series which covers the continent of Triton. This is book three in the completed quartet and it is imperative to read the books in order.

I am reviewing this book in more depth because I actually bought it and can post it on Amazon. :) First of all, these books are thick. We are talking lengthy novels with a lot of action happening. The tying thread is a prophecy of 4 couples to defeat the beast. Instead of having a book a couple, this is a multi-protagonist book from the viewpoints of at least 12 different people if not more. Honestly, at times it was hard to keep up with who was talking. This meant I actually had to pay attention to some of the chapter titles with the name and location to orient myself in the right place. This helped me immensely.

Normally I am not a fan of multiple POV in a book. In this series, it works really well for me. Yes, there were times I couldn't remember which woman was hitching up with which man, but by this book I was pretty sure I kept them straight. Let's just not quiz me on it. HAH. I do like the continuity of the storyline from one book to the next. This overarching story arc may be about love between 4 power couples and conquering the beast, but it is so much more. Specifically I find the love of friends and the desire to serve/protect there people is amazing. This review doesn't do this book or series justice. Suffice to say, it contains all the elements I love:

  • Creating a better world for everyone

  • One of the societies is matriarchal

  • Justice is brutally served

  • Villains seeing the light and changing to support the good fight

  • An ENTIRE society of MERPEOPLE!

  • Magic

  • Dragons

  • Sexy times!!!

I found this book to be amazing and recommend it to fantasy readers who want great characters and a difficult quest.


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