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Review: The Geek Job by Eve Langlais

Has it been 4 years already since Shameless? My first and only trip to Shameless was in 2018. I came home with over 50 books. It is a good thing I packed an empty suitcase to ensure I had all that I could bring all my newfound treasures home. Ms. Langlais is an author I have read before going to the book convention so I was very excited to see her in person. I ended up getting this book whilst I was there.

Anything romance with computers or IT themes, I am going to read. When it involves shifters, I am there. This is a fun read as tough Lexie is charmed by geeky Anthony. This is a flip of where the bodyguard is usually some rough guy that needs to protect a sweet innocent female. Lexie as the strong kick butt female protecting a smart human male was a pleasant twist.

To stay with the falling for the client theme, we enjoy a bit of sexy time with Lexie and Anthony. I would also like to state that there are many intersections between geeks and the kinky. This story plays right into that stereotype. I liked it. It caught me off guard and even if it isn't too heavy, it was still delicious. If you haven't read a Ms. Langlais book yet, this is a great one to start with. It is funny and sexy. The paranormal romance is recommended to erotic readers who like quiet guys that have a hidden kink.


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