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Review: The Hunter by Gennita Low

★★★ @Gennita #TheHunter #ThrowbackReviews

It is apt for me to write a review for this book since I read it so long ago and it appears Ms. Low stopped writing books around 2014. I looked around and I believe between her busy day job, being a full-time caregiver, and covid, writing fell to low priority. I completely empathize. Maybe this little review will give a little bump for Ms. Low and bring some new readers to her books as well as let her know that readers have not forgotten about her.

When it comes to Ms. Low's books, the first thing that comes to mind is ... mind games. There is some messed-up intrigue that makes me know that spy games are not for me. My straightforward mind doesn't like to come up with the twists and turns that could end up causing possible disasters or deaths if I am wrong. In this one, Hawk and Amber come together in a mission that causes them to question people they think they know well. I don't see sleeper agents used too often in spy books. It seems to be more common in TV series and movies. Although to be honest, if I look into it, the percentage is probably pretty low too. Still, one of the secondary characters in here... yikes. makes one question everything.

As a side note heads up, this story does have some slavery elements. Oh,. sorry, let us sanitize that term because Americans believe slavery has been abolished. Human trafficking does take place. Yes, such a cleaner, nicer, more wholesome term, is it not? Human trafficking... you know, we're just doing logistics on humans as commodities. Nothing to see here. Keep on moving. My pet peeve aside, this suspense is one of the earlier ones with military men. I found this to be interesting and I would like to think there are more accurate military scenarios/descriptions/details because Ms. Low is I believe former military. I could be wrong. This romantic suspense, emphasis on suspense is recommended to readers who like intrigue and sexy SEAL men.


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