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Review: The Iron Raven by Julie Kagawa

★★★★ @Jkagawa @edelweiss_squad #TheIronRaven #HighFantasy

Always a fan of Ms. Kagawa, this is a new series spinning off of the Iron Fey. For those who have not read that series first, never fear, this new series can be read by itself. The focus of this new new series is all about Robin Goodfellow ... aka Puck.

Puck is one of the more capricious of the fae. Seeing how Ms. Kagawa has designed him is best seen through the eyes of his friends. There seems to be a lot of history between Puck and the Iron Queen. In addition, there seems to be a lot of bad blood that should have been forgiven between Puck and Ash, the queen's consort. The hurts and rivalry of the past are painfully brought up when something is rising from the forgotten realm. It appears to be an undefined evil that is feeding off of all the different fae. Changing them into something ... different and violent.

As with all Ms. Kagawa stories, I am spellbound, pulled into a world of magic. The fae world is dangerous. Learning about Iron Fey which is a mix of steampunk is fantastic. Bringing an old mythos and giving it a fresh perspective is mind blowing. To take it to the next level, Ms. Kagawa now brings her interpretation of the undefined space of the fae. Here it is called the "forgotten". Fae who have been relegated to history and no longer remembered by either mortals or fae alike. Except one wakes up and she unwilling helps Puck determine what is wrong in the different lands of Faery.

Along this quest, Puck's history comes out as he shares how he has become "more" than a normal Faery. Seeing Puck oscillating between his old nature and his current is disturbing. Specifically disturbing for friends who have grown to love and trust him. Because if Puck returns to the Puck of old, no one will be safe from his more sinister side. Watching Puck express his anger and betrayals is a bit cathartic for him. But it definitely makes Ash wary as he has been the cause of much pain for the carefree Puck.

The quest Puck is on, is only the beginning of this series. I am not sure this will be a trilogy or more. After a lengthy fighting and traversing across the different Fae lands, we realize the new threat has not been defeated. This story takes twists and turns as we flash back to Puck's past and then come back to current times. I am kept on my toes the entire time and completely immersed in this grim faery tale. This new fantasy is recommended to readers who love dark faery tales featuring an antihero.

*provided by Edelweiss


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