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Review: The Last Second by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison

★★★★ @edelweiss_squad #bookreview @catherinecoulter @thrillerchick

Want a more modern version of the 007 Bond books? Check out this series. I am always excited when I see a new installment in this series. They can be read as a standalone but I like reading them in order as Nicholas and Michaela's relationship deepens with each new book.

This is latest one plays upon the conspiracy fears of bringing down the electrical grid. Because seriously, other than the Amish, a few tribes in the rain forest, a couple of tribes in China and the island off of India where they shoot at outsiders with arrows, who can function without electricity? I need it for work that I have several redundant power sources in case my electricity goes down.

I enjoyed the pace of this story as well as the evil villains. It is fun when there are rich people with power throwing their weight around and watching Nicholas and Michaela treat them with irrelevance. This dynamic duo lead a heart pumping adrenaline rushing job. It's exciting to be the voyeur as a ride along with them.

Once again, this series takes a side step into the slight paranormal with "aliens" calling the shots and convincing an otherwise by the facts scientist to create havoc. The end goal is of course, taking over the world with their immortality... *yawn* It seems that dastardly villains always want to rule the world and live forever. Still, the things that come up to destroy order is pretty far out and throw both Nicholas and Michaela for a loop. I like it.

This slightly Area 54 flavoured action packed novel is recommended to readers who like Bond movies and wished that the Bond Girl had a bigger part. In this series, she does!

*provided by Edelweiss


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