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Review: The Perfect Murder by Kat Martin

★★★ ½ @katmartinauthor #ThePerfectMurder #NetGalley #BookReview

Of the Garrett brothers, Reese is the one who is outside of the security business. He is a successful businessman who supplies energy in the form of oil and gas. When his latest acquisition is plagued with issues including a near death experience, Reese reluctantly pulls in his brothers in to help.

I loved the fast pace of this story which unfolds into a tale of blackmail, greed and disgrace. Kenzie is the best executive assistance Reese has hired. He depends on her. Even if he is attracted to her, he is a gentleman and leaves her be. Kenzie knows first how how it is like to be burned by a man. Her ex-husband is a lesson she will not soon forget. When she becomes involved with Reese, things quickly spiral out of control.

What I liked about this story is the many layers and motivations for sabotaging Reese's business deal. At first glance, unfortunate incidents come across as random events. As Reese dives into the details, he starts to see a pattern. I love when people see patters and pull on the thread to determine the root cause. Ms. Martin's writing style is becoming more complex in her suspense plots. I am really enjoying this hard hitting suspense. The blend of a forbidden boss/underlying romance as an element of salaciousness that complicates the issues at hand. I enjoyed how the subplots are expertly woven into the suspense.

Reese and Kenzie's chemistry is just right. Their hesitancy yet undeniable attraction is just the right sexual tension for a suspense story. I liked both characters because they are straightforward problem solvers who are not afraid of responsibility. They do not shirk their duties and they take ownership for mistakes made. These are my kind of people. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy a fast pace thriller with a balancing element of romance.

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