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Review: The Phantom by Gena Showalter

★★★ #ThePhantom

Two warlords down and how many left to go? Who is up next? It is Roux! Up until now, we haven't seen much of Roux or perhaps I just ignored him. The first few chapters of this book, I nearly DNF but I plowed on. I have questions and I want them answered. Boy howdy did I receive my answers.

With a rather slow start this book, I took an instant dislike to Roux. About a third of the way through this book, I'm starting to see more to him than just kill, kill, and kill. His special talents suck. What sucks more is psychopathic narcissistic father. I cannot believe the tortures this poor child went through. No wonder he's a complete head case! What is with all my favourite authors getting darker and darker? Their sadism when creating the backstory of their characters is at times extreme. And I'm a sadist! I digress.

Blythe the Undoing is a harpy warrior turned stay at home mom. She seems to be happy with it until the warlords show up and decide to go wholesale slaughtering. She miraculously saves both her and her daughter. However, her consort is dead. How she's able to function without him and not fade away is a mystery that can be solved later. All she cares about is obliterating Roux for killer her beloved.

When a woman is fixated on revenge and vengeance, it is best to either support her or get out of her way. Blythe is a prime example of why these are the only two choices. I don't want to get in her way. Unluckily for her, she is betrayed over and over again in this story. What the ever loving hell? The only one who is loyal and doesn't screw her over is . . . Roux. Talk about a twisted enemies to lovers tale. This is a wild ride from about half way through the story until the bitter end. I do mean, bitter end. I love how Ms. Showalter twists the rules to bring about a happily ever after ending. This is creative and innovative. This dark paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love enemies to lovers themes.


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