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Review: The Remains of the Fae by Demitria Lunetta

Picking up right after the previous book, Paige is in dire straits. She came off the high of her first case working with Nico only to be whisked away by a kidnapper. However, this book isn't about the kidnapper or how Paige fares under the kidnapper. It focuses on her time in Fairielands and the tricky fae.

I picked this book up because the last book, book 4 ended in a cliff-hanger. I wanted to know what happened. Suffice to say, the first chapter or two covers what happens with the kidnapping and it ends in a blink of an eye. I found this surprising as the VSK seemed to be a big plot device for several of the previous books. The scenes are condensed and move fast to give way to the main focus of this story. Paige once again getting roped into a bad idea by her ex-husband, Jax.

It is almost as if there are three different books combined into book here. It is a bit jarring as the transition from one to the next is not so smooth. Perhaps the different authors wrote their pieces and then one editor author blends them all together. Paige's life filled with ridiculously hilarious drama at her expense is amusing. There are a few times I'm incredulous with where the authors came up with a specific concept. Not sure if it helped or took the book off tangent, but the phone app that goes off when Paige's name is mentioned is unreal. Paige's life comes across as a complete joke and everyone is laughing at her. How ... depressing. To add insult to injury, Paige's pet Dalmanther even helps to make Paige come across even more unhinged. I kind of wish there was more about the Dalmanther wandering with his pack whilst Paige sulked in her room. It would be interesting to see his point of view and the mischief he gets into with twenty other unruly Dalmanthers. Although that would probably need to be a side novella as it wouldn't really help the overarching storyline.

Whilst Paige is once again in a mess that she needs to help clean up, we finally receive a little glimmer of what happened to her missing parents. I felt this teaser is injected in the right place and if the next book would finally go into that subplot, it would be nice. It would also be nice to explore and expand more on O.H.I.O - the Order for Human Improvement Options. I can only hope these two hanging threads will materialize and be the focus in the near future.

From a romance standpoint, there really isn't much in here. There are lusty scenes that end up going no where. The sexual tension between Nico and Paige still exists because Paige still can't figure out how to be a grown up. Rather than talk things out, she likes to avoid and hide from anything she doesn't want to face. I feel bad for Nico. He seems to consistently pick the wrong woman. His last involvement caused him to lose an eye.

In conclusion, my impression of this story is that it is all over the place. It is as if the story was organically written; both the authors and readers are along for the ride - there is no driver at the steering wheel. Usually this kind of story drives me crazy. For this series, it seems to work. Mostly because Paige is a train wreck and this writing style matches her complicated and chaotic life. This paranormal romance is recommended for readers who enjoy comedy, drama and unsatisfied sexual yearning.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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