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Review: The Sixth Day by Catherine Coulter

★★★★ @catherincoulter #edelwiess #bookreview

Not sure what happened here, but Ms. Catherine just crossed this over into the paranormal with... vampires. In several of her books, there are hints of psychics. In this suspense with the British FBI, Nicholas, things get a bit strange. Nicholas and Michaela are a great pair, similar to Savich and Sherlock yet different in appealing ways.

This fast paced suspense kept me reading page after page. I was not sure exactly where we were going. I just knew who the villains were and kind of why they were doing it. It begs the question, does the ends justify the means? The older I get, the less I am sure about the answer to this question. And the more I empathize with the "bad guys". Still, there are some fun interactions between Nicholas and Michaela. Their relationship deepens yet doesn't overshadow their partnership in sleuthing.

I am really enjoying the partnership between Ms. Coulter and Author Ellison. I look forward to each of their stories. For those who enjoy action flicks with cool British influence, this series is the one to pick up and read.

*provided by Edelweiss


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