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Review: The Unknown by Heather Graham

★★★★ @HeatherGraham #BookReview #TheUnknown @edelweiss_squad

A loving grandparent turning into a guardian angel is just the right kind of feel good story in today's conflicted environment. Sienna is a small town girl who loved her grandmother and stayed close to her throughout the end. When Sienna's grandmother warns her to help a neighbor, this is the start of something paranormal for Sienna ... for the rest of her life.

The latest trend in this series is about ghosts helping to solve homicides. I like it and it is as if there is a whole unseen informant/spy group to be tapped. If only this could happen in real life to help out our law enforcement agencies.

This is a smooth and easy read from start to finish. I enjoy the path Ms. Graham walks us down as we see mostly through Sienna's point of view. Sienna is in a tight spot when she helps out one too many times. As the saying goes, "no good deed goes unpunished". With Sienna, the coincidence of saving lives of her neighbors not once, but twice is too much for law enforcement to accept. Especially as there is the other adage of... there is no such thing as a coincidence.

This is fun ride to figure out not only who is committing these arsons but the motive. I am a little surprised by the who when we get to the end. The motive was also a bit of surprise yet nicely laid out so the reader could guess it. My surprise is more not that I didn't figure it out. It is more, there are people who do this? This is so much effort in criminal activity that could be utilize towards a more production and helpful activity. It always boggles the mind with criminal efforts to do bad.

Usually this series brings in the Krewe Hunters aligned with the FBI. This time, we see a threepeat with Ryder Stapleton. We originally met him as a skeptic from book 33 - The Unforgiven. Ryder is now a card carrying member of "The Sixth Sense" - I see dead people. His last case with the New Orleans Police department brings him across the path of Sienna. These two characters are possibly love interest but the focus is more on their partnering to solve the mystery. I have to say, I enjoy the suspense better without the romance. My preference is all about the mystery and detective work. A developing friendship is a bonus. Sexual interlude can be completely left off.

Ms. Graham delivers another well written suspense with likeable characters. This suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy a touch of paranormal to their crime solving.

*provided by Edelweiss

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