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Review: Undercover Wolf by Paige Tyler

★★★ ½ #bookreview #UndercoverWolf @PaigeTyler @edelweiss_squad

Fans of the SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team will want to pick up this new series from Ms. Tyler. STAT which stands for Special Threat Assessment Team appears to be in the same world, a different type of covert team. This is book two and I want to now go back and pick up the first book. Whilst there is a bit of romance in this story and a good amount of sexy scenes, the story is really more suspense which I enjoyed.

Harley Grant is a werewolf who is not exactly in denial, but she isn't making the full usage of her abilities due to a bad experience with her family. She finds a place for herself as a contributing member on the STAT team. They are a group of supernaturals who are taking down the "bad" guys. When they come across another covert team going for the same villains for different reasons, Harley's world is completely redefined. Sawyer Bishop is an alpha wolf for his team and whilst he makes full usage of his werewolf skills, he keeps this all under wraps.

The comparisons and contrast between Harley and Sawyer's life and choices is interesting because it helps them support each other. Almost everything they experienced is opposite. So when similar Sawyer receives the rejection he fears, Harley is there to help him through it. Their learning from each other enhances the character development as it builds a believable relationship. This is more than just a lust filled pheromone "The One" mate. Shared experiences, near death incidents, rejects, acceptance and adrenaline pumping operations fast tracks their relationship. The chemistry between the two is good to see and the romantic element adds a layer of sweetness to this grim material.

The plot of the story is dark and disgusting. Human trafficking taken to the next level through supernatural trafficking is abhorrent. The action scenes remind me of Mission Impossible movies and I loved it. It is good to see that plans can go awry and how the team respond to problems. Ms. Tyler pens an exciting new group of super "heroes" that is a blend of girl next door, white knight and antiheroes mixed in. Looking forward to reading more of this dynamic STAT group.

This paranormal suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy action flicks with a thread of romance.

*provided by Edelweiss


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