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Review: Up All Night in Bliss by Sophie Oak

★★★ @authorlexiblake #bookreview #UpAllNightinBliss

When it comes to what happens after the "happily ever after", Ms. Oak writes it so sublime. It is like a coming home... seeing good friends and hanging out with them. I have been waiting to get a copy of this book for a long time. It was good to see how Callie felt after having babies. The unsexy feeling is real. The struggle to balance sexy time with being a parent is painful and sometimes overwhelming.

I liked how Nate and Zane finally realize what is bothering Callie. I understand Callie's worries. Seeing how her husbands reassure her is too sweet. The sexy times are divine. This is a well written glimpse into the life of friends we haven't visited in a while. Their menage kinky dynamic is nice to see because it is so real with the ups and downs. This romantic novella is recommended to those who love Bliss and cannot get enough of it.


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