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Review: VAMPS: Fresh Blood by Nicole Arend

★★★★ #NicoleArend #Freshblood @edelweiss_squad

New to me author, Ms. Arend weaves a tale that pulls me in and keeps me up all night as I read through this entire book in one sitting. I want to know more. When is the next book going to be available? Normally I avoid young adult or new adult books. This one looked interesting and I picked it up from Edelweiss. I am glad I did because the book hangover was well worth it.

Dillion is a half vampire or as the mythos goes - dhamphir. He knows nothing about his supernatural side. A country bumpkin, he's tossed into the freaky world of vamps completely clueless and surrounded by rich privileged brats. This special academy will help him learn more about himself and control the powers he is supposed to grown into.

Normally I don't like "mean" girls themes but this one is from a guy's perspective and it's actually not bad. Not having lived as a guy, I can only assume this perspective is accurate. I liked seeing it from Dillion's point of view. I liked how he wrestled with being at the "bottom" of the hierarchy. His irreverence to all vampires and their hoity-toity ways amuses me. In some ways, this reminds me of Harry Potter and how he was thrown unprepared into the wizard world. The difference is, Dillion's father loves him deeply and he grew up more or less in a healthy manner.

I like how Dillion doesn't change how he feels about his father nor is he ashamed of his humble upbringing. He is a good guy in a bad position but he's learning fast. His allies at this school are always questionable because there could be ulterior motives from any of them. The first part of the book moves at a good pace. The middle picks up and the last third of the book goes light speed. Did I guess who sired him from a vampire perspective? Yup. It was pretty obvious. Still, I found this story to be spellbinding and I want to see what happens next. This new-adult/young adult fantasy is recommended to readers who root for the underdog.

*provided by Edelweiss



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