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Review: Virtually His by Gennita Low

It has been a while since I read a Gennita Low book. For the longest time, I eagerly waited for any book she wrote so I could pick it up and read. Ms. Low did seem to take a hiatus for a bit as her day job if I recall, is being a roofer in a hot southern state! Talk about two totally different occupations. I enjoyed her speculative fiction along with her psychic suspense type stories. This is a series I read the first two books and recommend for something a bit "out there" but now more accepted.

In this series with the first two books containing the main story arc, Helen is taking experimental drugs to be able to remote view. Think drones in stealth mode except it being your body. Remote viewing has been a fringe concept for a while and I find it to be fascinating. The way Ms. Low writes it here makes it slight plausible. Helen's new ability is mixed with a bit of romance and suspense. It's the right combination to keep this story's tension and leading into the next book.

Full disclosure, I gave up waiting for the 3rd book to show up, only to find I do have it. And apparently last year, the 4th book came out. Now that I have reminisced about this book, I will definitely return to finish off this series and see what happens. Technology has changed in the last 15 years so it will be interesting to see how Ms. Low keeps it relevant.

Recommended to readers who enjoy speculative fiction with experimental drugs for a super soldier.


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