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Review: Vortex by Catherine Coulter

★★★★ @catherincoulter @WmMorrowBooks #Vortex #Netgalley

In this political climate of exclusionary tribes, Ms. Coulter dives into the center of all of this with a report character I can support and get behind. Mia Briscoe is a reporter who covers the political science through investigative pieces as well as creates a blog space where it can be an open space to discuss different view points with an open mind. Whilst this story is a murder mystery, I find the entwining of politics to be spot on.

I like Mia Briscoe because she is determined to find the facts and provide it for people to make their own decisions. Her desire to have a place where people in the center can speak up is daring and in the face of our extreme polarization. I am not sure how many centralist are left and I doubt any are interested in speaking up. Seeing this play out in a fictional story is an accurate reflection of today's climate. This mature thinking seems to have been tossed out the window. Or they have been silenced by the vocal childish antics of the narrowminded. I digress.

It is said that there are pivotal moments in people's life that change the course of where they are headed. It is also said that there are people in one's life who are so influential that their loss is never forgotten or missed. For Mia, this is her best friend Serena. Serena disappeared off the face of the earth after going to a fraternity rave party. Sever year ago and Mia still misses her. When Mia finds clues which may open this cold case again, she is determined to find answers and bring her best friend home.

I loved how this story shares the fall out and experiences due to unanswered questions for loved ones left behind. I also love how whilst this major investigative piece is going on, there is a secondary and just as important case that Sherlock is working on. The two cases have nothing to do with each other, but it is like getting two books in one and I adore it. Especially as it gives Sherlock the ability to come in and help because she is in the right place at the right time.

Sherlock's case blew my mind. I like what Sherlock did to figure out what the other law enforcement agencies missed. I also adore Max/Maxine the gender fluid super computer which is able to search for things when enough information is provided to them. The way that Sherlock cracks the case and how she brings down the killer gives me a vicarious high. It is exhilarating to figure it out, nail the perp and bring them down.

Vortex is highly recommended to readers who enjoy hard hitting crime and those who have an open mind, respectful of other people's opinions even if they disagree.

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