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Review: Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley

Going through a Kristen Ashley phase is basically glutton for punishment. What the hell is up with these women? Millie, no man is worth what you went through. Yes, she definitely walked through fire for her man. But the whole point is that he should know you are doing it. If a person sacrifices and there is no one to witness it, are they a martyr? I say ... no, they are a dumb ass.

I feel for Millie, I really do. The whole dragged out reason why she ended it with Judd bored me to tears. When the truth is revealed, I am sad for her. I'm also sad that she doesn't have that much to support her whilst Judd had his whole asshole posse jumping in without the facts. These guys are dicks. That defines the motorcycle club life. Guys can be dicks because that's how they want it to work. Fuck women and their needs. Just screw them and take everything you can get out of them. I still gave this story a 3 star because of the feelz. I didn't really like Judd aka High and I felt Millie could have done better.

Since I read this book out of order, I did find the beginning of the Benito issue to be interesting. It also shows me when the "women" decide to plot together and get something done. Can't say that I really liked what happened a few books down, but it isn't like he couldn't have seen see it coming. Overall, this is a lengthy book where men shit on women and the women keep taking it because the dick is too good in bed. Not really my bag of tea, but it is for Ms. Ashley. Personally, no man is that good.

There was really only 1 person I liked in this book. It was Judd's ex-wife. She was pretty cool. I liked her and how she co-parents with Judd. It would be interesting to see her side of the story. If only more ex-lovers used her as a role model.

This book is recommended to romance readers who love bad boys who fuck up their women and then think it's okay with a few meaningless sorry and giving it to her hard in the pussy to make her forget.


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