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Review: Warrior's Cross by Abigail Roux

What could be so alluring about a professional waiter? Is it his subservience? Perhaps his cute uniform? I'm frankly just as baffled as Blake to why Julian is enamoured of Cameron. Cameron is a waiter at Tuesdays. He's very good at his job, but there really isn't anything about him that is super attractive. He is your average run of the mill working stiff. Julian on the other hand is something not so normal.

Julian is a killer. I don't know who he works for or why, but he kills for a living and it pays very very well. It must pay well if he owns such a nice home and has a butler, cook AND maid. Julian is soft spoken and mysterious. What is mysterious about Julian is he is in love with Cameron. NO one understands why, least of all Julian. Yes, he claims Cameron's normalcy is what is attractive. Yet I haven't seen Julian do anything normal with Cameron other than screwing each other's brains out.

Blake is right. As the owner of the restaurant and boss of Cameron, Julian and Cameron don't really know each other. How can it be a relationship? Where is the trust built on a foundation of knowing each other? Everything about Julian is a lie. Cameron seems particularly slow witted too. Seriously, it takes him this long to figure out what Julian does for a living? Please, does he not watch TV? Even a child of 6 could figure this out. This is the most unrealistic piece to the story.

What really bugged me was Miri. What a nosy be-yotch. She's the catalyst for Cameron and Julian's misunderstanding and needless heartbreak. Bitch, mind your own business and stay the hell out of other people's love life. I wanted to smack the woman a few times. I don't know if the authors were trying to create her as a "voice of reason" and helpful concerned friend, but it came across as a jealous pot stirring cunt. The only real secondary female character and the authors design her to be a total putz. Lovely. Yet another m/m story where the female is a complete moron, bitch or crazy. In this case, she's an annoying busybody. Her character detracted from the storyline for me. Caused needless conflict that did not enhance the story for me at all. Perhaps in real life, people are like this, I don't know. I haven't had friends like this and a questioning situation like this has never come up. Then again, I don't go around dating killers.

I read this book specifically because it was referenced in the Cut & Run series. I wanted to read it before I read the next Ty and Zane book. This gives me a little background and it helps. I didn't enjoy this as much as I enjoy the other series. I do like the writing style because it is smooth. The characters just didn't do as much for me. Still, I do recommend this book to m/m lovers who enjoy romantic suspense.

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