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Review: Wicked All Night by Jeaniene Frost

★★★★ @Jeaniene_Frost #bookreview #WickedAllNight

Coming in late to this spin-off series, I loved it! I have always been a fan of Ian when I first saw him in the Cat & Bones original series. This series more or less focused on the sexy vamp, Ian is delightful. For those who are just picking up this book as the first one to read, it is still easy to get into the book as a standalone.

It seems a lot has happened to Ian in the past two books. He's now with his soulmate, Veritas. She is an exile in the vampire world because she is both mixed blood AND she uses magic! Quelle horreur!

Since this is the first book in the series I picked up, it is my first meeting with Veritas. She reminds me of Cats a lot. Down to the snarky comments and the willingness to sacrifice her life to save others. In fact, for a couple of chapters I was wondering if I was reading about Cat. I know that Ian has a fond spot for Cat. Happily both Cat and Bones show up for a quick cameo.

I liked the underlying concepts of this book. Ms. Frost tackles the issue with mixed bloods... basically "not pure" vampires and such. She also tackles discriminations based upon species. These are all thinly veiled analogies to our current world and environment. I like how she did this without making it preachy or lecturing on a soapbox. There was a little author note at the end indicating something about an event in the story that may "appear" to take advantage of Supreme Court Justice RGB's death. Frankly I'm, puzzled with this comment and I can't really figure out where in the story that it could look like that. What is more annoying to me is the readers who must have said something and felt "triggered" so that they provided negative feedback to Ms. Frost. I feel bad for the author when she creates something so wonderful and people misinterpret it and then blast her for it.

I enjoyed the pace of this book. There is a good amount of action. There are some sexy times which I just skipped over because it a was a bit too vanilla for me. What I also liked in this story is how Veritas learned some hard truths about herself, her father and how she responds when threatened. Overall, this is a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like BAMF female leads and the male who can keep up with them.


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