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Review: Wild Like the Wind by Kristen Ashley

Unrequited love is tough when you see the person every week and spend time helping them raise their kids. Hound who has loved Keely since he first laid eyes on her finally makes a move, after nearly 2 decades. The conflict in this story is a bit odd for me. Specifically how "Brothers" can't have anything to do with other Brother's ole lady. Then again I know virtually nothing about the MC culture other than the stereotypes I see and what I read about romances. All I know is that the rules that are showcased in romances make very little logical sense to me.

There are several things I liked about this book and a few things that irked me. First, I loved how Hound is as a character. He isn't exactly an anti-hero but he isn't a good guy according to the usual noncriminal definition. Second, I liked how this story shows that there are different ways to love people. Third, I loved how much time is spent on caring for the elderly and showing how it takes love and patience to support someone as they age. Fourth, I love how there are decent male role models in the story.

Now I'm not a big MC genre fan and honestly, Kristen Ashley is one of maybe a handful of authors whom I can read MC books from. It's because it is so romanticized. Plus she delivers some kick-butt dialogue. I have to say, size is relative and okay, maybe 7 inches is more than average. I still wouldn't exactly consider that large but 12 inches is definitely a lot. And 7 inches is definitely not tiny. I say this because there is a little plot device or thing or whatever you want to call it going on about this and whilst it is a minor thread, it is HILARIOUS. I couldn't stop laughing and I probably read these passages over a few times before I could move on. When Ms. Ashely is on pointe, she is on FIRE! Love it.

Sometime I feel bad for these poor dudes in the Chaos MC. Their women are loco. When they get together, it can be crazy. I do love how the women are supportive of each other and have their own "code" to combat against the boy club. Love it. This MC romance is highly recommended to a romance reader who is looking for a happily ever after with a touch of twisted humour.


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