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Review: Wolf Untamed by Paige Tyler

3 stars #TBRPile

Finally I am getting caught up with reading the older books in this series and I thought I'd be on track for the reviews too. Nope. I am once again months behind on reviews. You may have noticed I have been MIA from November 2022 through January 2023. This was the first time in a couple of years where my traditionally busy time of the year for my day job was hectic. So here I am, finally getting to some of my reviews!

I enjoyed this one. I know that I rarely rate Ms. Tyler above a 3 star. For me, 3 star is a solid read and I enjoyed the book. Chances are, the story is not as memorable and I probably wouldn't read it again. I would still recommend it because it may appeal to other readers more.

I am definitely a fan of Ms. Tyler and every time I see her name, I know I want to read her books. This one, I enjoyed with Diego as the main character. He's been in the background for several of the books in this series. I liked how this mix is instead of bringing a new werewolf into the Dallas SWAT, it is helping a kid figure out what is going on with his life. This change in plot is a nice variation.

See the hardships of a single mother grappling with how different her son has become is a good reminder to be grateful of things in my own life. Because things could always be worse. Bree does her best and when she finally is given the missing piece, she steps up to the plate and continues to unconditionally love her son. This is a wonderful affirmation that I wish more people would see, understand, and apply. I loved the underlying messing Ms. Tyler delivers in this story.

Recommended for uniform chasers who love a happily ever after.


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