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Review: Woman of Blood & Bone by Annie Anderson

Max is a BAMF who is just trying to live her life quietly and under the radar. Her problem? Her soft heartedness and white knight syndrome is the death of her. Literally. She has been killed over one hundred and thirty eight times with no end in sight. This new to me author comes by way of... FaceBook. How FaceBook keeps popping up book recommendations I end up liking, I have no idea.

The good news about this series? It is complete and I am burning through it like a coke addict chasing my high. It has been less than 24 hours and I have already burned through books 1 through 4. I intend to get through the last two in this series once I do some work... like writing reviews. The bad news, once you start reading this series, chances are chores will be put aside and your to-do list may stall. I nearly called in for a sick day today so that I could read the books non-stop. Only my liking for deferred gratification is why this series is not completed and I haven't touched the series I think starts off this universe.

In this paranormal world, there are demons, witches, shifters and "others". Unfortunately for Max, she is clueless as she's been on her own since she was 14. With her "Rogue" status, it prevents her from interacting with most of the supe world because it could mean uncertain death. So when she is pulled in again through her bleeding heart, this time, it is worse then all the previous times. Who knew there were demons? Because she didn't exactly know it.

I like Max because she is a snarky character who is super independent and can take care of herself. What is sad is that women who are so independent and resilient are because they have trust issues and have been hurt repeatedly. This would be Max in a nutshell. This story does seem as if I am missing key critical elements. My guess is that there is a series previous to this where Max is more a secondary character. My guess is the Phoenix trilogy may need to be read first. I am holding off on reading that series because I need to get some work done this week.

Ms. Anderson creates a dangerous magical world that seems to be out to get Max. This first book pulls me in because I want to know Max's story. I want to learn her history and mostly, I want to root for her because she is the underdog who has been kicked repeatedly and yet her empathy and desire to save those weaker than her remains strong. Max is the friend you can count on. But leave her or break her trust, it hurts her more than anything because she does not trust easily. This paranormal series is recommended to readers who like a strong female lead who is irreverent and does what is right, no matter what is on the line.


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