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Review: Yours to Take by Joely Sue Burkhart

A triangle is the strongest structure because of their ability to bear heavy loads without collapsing. In YOURS TO TAKE, this is evident with Vicki and her ménage a trois with Jesse and Elias.

Jesse is a homeless artist with model looks. My heart cries for Jesse as we learn about his life and how he ended up homeless. When he hit rock bottom, he stuck. The only thing he lived for was a bit of time with Vicki when she saw him at the park.

Vicki is a recovering criminal defense lawyer. She left the high power job as it was slowly killing her. Instead she's designing a clothing line in her own business venture. This part of the plot made absolutely no sense to me, but I rolled with it. Vicki's relationship with Elias is strained due to an unfortunate event when their work lives crossed and blew up. Basically, Elias is a detective whose partner was killed by a criminal Vicki defended.

The threesome is an interesting balance as we see both Vicki and Elias as top dogs. Their inability to give in to each other makes a tumultuous relationship. Jesse is the buffer who softens and allows them to be together. This relationship isn't all rainbow and roses. Jealousy strikes Elias hard and since neither of the men is sexually interested in the other, it seems hopeless.

This story feels more realistic as to how a threesome first comes together. Even after they are together, in a V triad, it takes some balancing. I loved how Ms. Burkhart shows the struggles and the human emotional side of it. Despite the missteps in the threesome, the sex is HAWT. I can see the rough role-playing when Elias is addressed as Detective Reyes by both Vicki and Jesse. I'd whimper too. When the three finally are in bed together, I'm over the moon with lust. The description is so clear as well as the domination from first Elias to Vicki then Vicki to Jesse.

Surprise! Vicki is a switch. I can totally empathize with Vicki in her desire to dominate Jesse. Who wouldn't? He's a natural submissive with such sweetness. I did find Vicki's struggles to not take advantage of Jesse amusing. Jesse keeps pressing for Vicki to take him and she's afraid of taking too much. This BDSM ménage with a cop as a dominant partner hits all the lovely kinks I enjoy. The conflict is realistic and heart breaking at times.

I recommend this delicious story to BDSM ménage lovers who enjoy a female switch.


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