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Review: Vampire Guardian by Joey W. Hill

★★★★★ @JoeyWHill #MustRead #Buyitnow

Grab some tissues and settle in for an emotional rollercoaster ride. I loved this book and ended up sniffling through several scenes. Ms. Hill moves me in this erotic romance. The character development and growth, the erotic power exchange and world building all come together to create a magical experience. For readers who want complex characters in a star-crossed lover scenario, this book is for you.

I do recommend reading Vampire Instinct before this book because Adan's parents' love story is covered in it. Adan is a born vampire which is rare enough in itself. He is also a twin... with a fraternal twin sister. Adan is a special vampire because he can work magic since he was a young child. As a precocious child, he fears nothing until a traumatic experience occurs which pulls him from his parents. This experience is with the fae and even decades later, he still hold a hatred for the Fae in its entirety. I think you know where this is going to go. Of course Ms. Hill is going to poke, prod and stab at this unhealed wound by throwing an idealistic nubile dryad into Adan's lap. Catriona is a fae who straddles the human and Fae world. Her childhood and youth is not all rainbows and unicorns. In fact, her traumas are comparable to Adan's. Yet the outlook from the two of them are vastly different.

I love the compare and contrast between Adan and Catriona's childhood. Their experiences are what makes them into the person they are today. How they handled the horrific events is vastly different and is what makes their outlook and interactions with others so compelling. Neither is right or wrong - good or bad. What it does is make it easier or harder when they interact with people in the here and now. Ms. Hill does an amazing job of showing how different people respond to similar situations. It moves me to tears several times as we learn more and more about how Adan and Catriona have suffered. And they continue to suffer as they accidentally trigger one another with their unresolved hurts and fears.

The majority of this story is a forward and two step backward relationship dance between the two. To include the kinky aspects of D/s only intensifies the tenuous illicit affair. For Fae and Vampire are a forbidden liaison which has ended badly more oft than not. Including a BDSM club run by vampires and a travelling magical circus filled with paranormal creatures, this story is not to be missed. The last 20% of the story is time condensed to bring a satisfying if a bit glossed over conclusion. This tale is rich with love - lovers, parents and siblings. Heartwarming as well as heartbreaking, this erotic romance is a must read. I highly recommended it to all romantics who love to feel multiple emotions when reading a book.


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