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Blog Tour & Excerpt: Guild Boss by Jayne Castle

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About Guild Boss

When Lucy Bell is kidnapped after a celebration in the lively city of Illusion Town, she is left wandering the endless maze of the underground Dead City. She’s promptly found by Guild Hunter Gabriel Jones but being rescued is only the start of her problems, as no one believes she was kidnapped in the first place. With her reputation aboveground in tatters, Lucy’s life quickly begins to unravel. The last thing she expects is for Gabriel to come back to town for her.

But the Lucy that Gabriel finds is much different from the one he rescued. This Lucy is sharp, angry, and more than a little distrustful of Gabriel. With a killer hunting her, Lucy quickly realizes that the only person she can rely on is Gabriel—both to believe she’s telling the truth and to protect her from the danger that followed her back home.

Photo Credit: Marc von Borstel

Jayne Castle is a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz, author of more than fifty New York Times bestsellers. She writes contemporary romantic suspense novels under the Krentz name, as well as historical novels under the pseudonym Amanda Quick. Learn more online at

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Excerpt from GUILD BOSS by Jayne Castle


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