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Blog Tour: Rogue's Possession by Jeffe Kennedy

One does not break an oath to the fae…

But I am getting much better at finding and exploiting the loopholes. I may have promised the ruthlessly sensual fae lord, Rogue, that he can sire my firstborn child—but I never said when. And I’m not giving into his will-eroding attempts to seduce me until he tells me what will happen to my child.

Which he refuses to do.

So, I’m holding out against his allure, no matter how he tantalizes me, because the one way to protect my child is to make sure they’re never born. Unfortunately, Rogue is as wily as he is persistent, and soon I find myself in more bargains—I must give him a kiss every day and sleep by his side at night. Even as I travel through Faerie, perfecting my sorceress skills and seeking the answers to the questions Rogue won’t—or can’t—answer, he is constantly by my side, working his way through my defenses.

He refuses to let me go. Most terrifying of all, I’m finding I don’t want him to…

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