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Character Interview: Ineke from Lake Silence

I stay on the path leading me to the private beach at The Jumble. Vicki, the proprietor let me know that Ineke would provide food for us to enjoy during my interview with her. As one of the more outspoken humans living in Sproing, I looked forward to learning more about her. I double-checked my name tag from Vicki. She mentioned that I should wear it in a visible place and not lose it.

When I reach the beach, I see Ineke with her teal and burgundy streaked brown hair waiting on a nice patch of grass. I wave at her.

La Crimson Femme: Hello, Ineke! Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. The food looks great.

Ineke: Welcome. The end of Grau is a bit late for a picnic on The Jumble’s beach, but Vicki informed her employees that we would be here so no one will think we’re trespassing. As you’re probably aware, the terra indigene residents of The Jumble spell trespasser s-n-a-c-k, so it’s important to wear the “I’m a guest!” nametag in plain sight.

I brought my small grill. We’ll cook a couple of burgers to munch on during this interview.

I even brought marshmallows to toast and add to the graham crackers and chocolate as a dessert. These days I don’t give chocolate to just anyone.

La Crimson Femme: This looks so good! I love the chocolate with marshmallows on graham crackers for dessert. How on earth did you find chocolate? And... speaking of finding. *I glance nervously at the Lake* Have you seen the Lady of the Lake? Or the Elders?

Ineke: The Lady of the Lake? No one has seen her since this summer, but do you see those ripples? The ones that look like a fish snapped up an insect from the surface of the lake? Not a fish. The Elders have expanded their patrol of Lake Silence to include The Jumble’s beach. Since Vicki is in Sproing picking up supplies, it’s smarter to stay out of the water. That whole s-n-a-c-k thing. You know?

You’re looking a bit pale. Did you meet a tall dark stranger last night? No? Well, have a burger and ask your questions. And you might want to have some iron-rich food for dinner. Just in case.

La Crimson Femme: *Picks up the burger* Wow, I didn't know the Elders came that close. I wanted to start my interviews with the human residents before daring to move to one of the Others. Speaking of the Others, of all the different ones you have met, which one scares you the most and why?

Ineke: The ones you don’t see until it’s too late. They are the reason for the stories humans whisper around the fire when they’re safely tucked into their houses. Of course, if you build a fire, you might unintentionally be sending out an invitation to an Elemental or two to join you.

La Crimson Femme: Ohh, you mean like maybe, Adrian? I heard he is helpful with fires. Of all the ones you’ve met, which one do you most enjoy being around and why?

Ineke: The ponies. They’re adorable if you don’t think about their names too much, and some of them have the most awesome colored manes and tails.

La Crimson Femme: The ponies do sound so adorable. I have heard they have some of the most amazing colours. I hope no one mistakes them for one of the horses you use to take people on a tour. With Vicki renovating the Jumble, you decided to offer a tour through it ending up here at the Lake. What are some of the oddest questions you get asked on the tour from your guests? Like top 5 oddest questions?

Ineke: “Will I get eaten?” seems to be the number one question. The answer? Stay on the horse, and you’ll be fine. And wear your nametag. The next question while we’re doing the trail ride is, “Is that one of the Others?” The answer? No, that’s a squirrel. No, that’s a… Well, it could be one of the Crowgard, so remember that making fun of the furry can turn a guest into a s-n-a-c-k.

La Crimson Femme: Are there any ideas of how you and Vicki can give humans the “Others” experience in a safer manner?

Ineke: Do I have ideas? No. “Safe” and “Others” are not words that usually go together. My actual experience with the Others is limited and mostly involves the individuals who wear expensive suits. Vicki is the one who attracts the “interesting” individuals because she has a special status within the terra indigene community.

My personal rule of survival? Be polite. It will keep you alive.

La Crimson Femme: Speaking of survival, what led to your decision to open a boarding house?

Ineke: Oh, the boarding house was already there when Paige, Dominique, and I arrived in Sproing. We’d been looking for a fresh challenge and had planned to stay there only to find that the previous owner had abandoned the place just that morning and had conveniently left the keys in the front door. We needed a place to stay, so we hauled in some groceries and cleaning supplies. (It’s possible the owner had run away from whatever had been growing in the fridge. Paige swore it moved a little closer to the front of the shelf every time she opened the fridge door.)

Anyway, the property and the business were available, a discreet understanding was made with a certain interested party who then helped me procure the necessary loans, and now, a few years later, we have a solid business and fill most of the rooms year-round.

La Crimson Femme: I can believe the boarding house being filled! I have made reservations for the summer. It was the first time I could get into the books. Oh, sound like Vicki is back from her supply run.

Ineke: Yes, time to pack up. The boarding house is fully booked for Trickster Night. If you decide to stick around, just remember that the most amazing costumes you see that night might not be costumes at all.

La Crimson Femme: I will keep that in mind! Thanks for answering all my questions.

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