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Review: Healing of the Wolf by Cherise Sinclair

Healing of the Wolf by Cherise Sinclair

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series continues to deliver emotional warm fuzzies. Whilst some of the women in this series have been BAMF, Margery is bad-ass in her own quiet way. She may not be able to physically fight, but her ability to fight for survival is impressive. Her innate ability to smooth and her passion to serve others comes through loud and clear. What happened to her as a child is horrendous and for her not to turn into a mindless animal is commendable.

Ms. Sinclair creates a trouble character with hidden depths. Her lack of knowledge of the shifter world places her at a disadvantage as well as makes her an easy target. The way she is treated makes me so mad. Her timidness does not mean she is weak and helpless. She works to overcome her brutally ingrained fear of men in uniform. There are so many positive traits about Margery, I could go on.

As with all Ms. Sinclair's stories, the focal point is the romance. The romantic triad here is not an easy one. I like how there were issues and trust broken had to be rebuilt. I like the conflict between Donal and Margery is so easy to see happen. With Tynan in the dark about the cause of conflict, it makes the story a bit humour if sad.

This rich and magical world of shifters is under constant threat from humans, especially as the world becomes more digitalized. Ms. Sinclair does a lovely job in balancing the good and bad of humans on the shifter world. And also showing how some shifters are just like humans - bad. Being a shifter does not mean they are perfect.

This paranormal romance is recommended to menage readers who enjoy surviving against all odds themes.

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