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Review: Caution by A.K Evans

★★★ ½

There is a certain comfort in the Harper Security Ops series. I know that I will have a strong male hero and usually a female in need of saving. Ms. Evans continues to deliver with the latest in this series with Forrest feeling glum as his friends all find their "one". Just when he least expects it, he literally runs down Daisy.

Daisy is a woman that I envy in some ways. Her background circumstances are different than many of the other females in this series. The common thread tying them together is her need for protection. It is a doozy. I am rather shocked at how Daisy became embroiled into a couples dispute yet I can actually see this happening in today's crazy society.

What I enjoyed about Daisy and Forrest is their easy friendship. There are no big contrived misunderstandings. They are two people who meet and find each other attractive and interesting. Their relationship develops in a believable pace. Exploring different locations together and slowly meeting friends generates a warm fuzzy feeling.

When the conflict arises, I'm ready for it as I anticipate a need for Forrest to ride to the rescue. This conflict seemed to be a bit less scary and threatening than some of the previous series. Still, for a regular person with no self defense background nor carries a CPL, this is frightening for Daisy. This is a sweet contemporary romance recommended for readers who enjoy a bit of suspense.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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