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Review: Play Dirty by Lora Leigh

A brand new series of former military bad boys going covert to fight homeland terrorist? * Grabby hands * This is a Ms. Leigh book so I know it is going to be erotic with a bad boy alpha male. She does create some of the most luscious antiheroes. She delivers in this newest series with the naughty boy Jack. This book kicks off with a heartbreaking scene. I am immediately in protective momma mode with young Jack.

Jack grows up with a strict moral code. Based on the abuse heaped upon him and his mother by his deadbeat dad, Jack carries a zero tolerance to any type of domestic or sexual abuse. I love this about him because he does not continue the cycle of abuse his father partook in. This does mean that Jack has issues with authority. Who doesn't? It just means I love him more. I am really hoping this series features each of the former military men on Jack's team because I am very curious about each of them.

Jack returns to his home town where he can watch over Poppy and figure out what the hell is going on. Bad things happen when he returns and Poppy's older brother isn't exactly off base stating that Jack is the cause of it. But it is so much more. Ms. Leigh mixes in the latest threat that is generating fear amongst many - AI. The AI machine in this story is familiar to me in design and concept. I have been reading about these for years. My earliest encounter with these type of AI was in the late 1980s with Anne McCaffrey books. These were all considered fantasy/sci-fi. How the world has changed where these fanciful concepts are now plausibly contemporary fears. I love it. This plot device pulls me even deeper into this story.

Honestly, I am favorably bias towards Ms. Leigh. Any military bad boy character with a rough childhood is going to capture my attention. I'm always going to enjoy it because the formula she uses works well on me. I thoroughly enjoyed this story from start to end. I loved the characters. I especially liked how consistent Poppy remains with her faith Jack. Poppy as a little kid is precocious. Poppy as a sexually aware adult with the same kindness and love is lethal. Her family and the little acts of kindness visited upon Jack and his team made me tear up. If only people practiced more random acts of kindness. This sexy erotic romance is recommended to readers who enjoy suspense, a little bit of action, and a whole lot of sexual tension.

*provided by Tor Publishing Group via NetGalley


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