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Hairpin Curves by Elia Winters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New to me author, Ms. Winters brings to life a very realistic nightmare. What happens when your hopes and dreams are placed on hold and you end up still working your waitressing job from your high school years? All that money and time spent on a college degree with loans to payback, and what is there to show for it? A waitressing job in a diner that is going under. This is a kind of scary hell that I would never want to experience. Unfortunately for Megan, she been stuck in a rut since she left college. All her hopes and dreams to travel and do great things never materialized. Luckily for her, she gets a kick start to try again.

The first part of this book is filled with dread for me because of the monotony Megan suffers through. Learning about how she ended up staying at the diner and how she lost contact with her best friend Scarlett made the story even sadder. Scarlett's reason for pulling out from going to college with Megan was easily anticipated. There are very few surprises in this storyline. What makes the story good is Megan's journey of self-discovery. Her chance to regain a friendship and start a new chapter in her life is so good to witness.

The second part of the story where Megan start to emerge from her prison of a hamster wheel life, this is where Megan comes to life. Learning about Megan's desire to travel and see places helps paint a picture of her dreams. Scarlett's interactions with Megan as they rekindle their friendship is beautiful to watch. All is not easily forgiven, instead, Scarlett has to work to get Megan to trust her again. I liked how the romance developed.

With the last part of the story, Megan and Scarlett finally examine their lives and how they want to move forward. It's interesting to see how Ms. Winters creates the plausible conflicts and how the two work through to a solution. For those looking for some ff action, the sexy times between Megan and Scarlett are sweet vanilla sex. Their explorations of each other and dispelling of misconceptions they had of each other at times are erotic and humourous. Specifically, Scarlett thought Megan was a bit more innocent. And who knew a sexually experienced Scarlett would blush red at thought of going to a sex store. These little nuances Ms. Winters adds to the developing romance makes it more realistic. This contemporary romance is recommended to ff readers who enjoy a second chance friends to lover romance theme.

*provided by Carina Press via NetGalley


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