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Review: A Melody in the Deep by Cara N. Delaney

★★★★ @CaraD_author #AMelodyintheDeep @booksirens

Water themes incorporating mermaids is a siren's song for me. I didn't even need to read the blurb. All I did was see read the first sentence - "Keola is a mermaid" and I saw the book cover. Hooked and reeled in, I went into this story pretty cold. It was to my surprise that it is a F/f romance. SCORE! I didn't think the book could get better but when this romantic element entered into the storyline, I nearly swooned in happiness.

New to me author Ms. Delaney creates a world where humans and merpeople know of each other. They may not mingle often but they know a little about each other. Keola is a princess on the run. She has good reason and I am glad she makes a break for it. Her "prince charming" is anything but charming. After her initial flee, it quickly becomes apparently that Keola has been a pampered princess for too long and doesn't know exactly how to fend for herself. Luckily for her, a "freelance" crew crosses her path in the big ocean and takes pity on her. The captain, Anaar gives her a lift to the nearest port in exchange for a bit of wavesinger support.

This story is a wonderful character growing journey for Keola. She learns how humans life and the hardships of coming from a poor or common class of people. It never occurred to her what kinds of opportunity are available to orphans or single women. This eye opening experience makes her grateful for her sheltered upbringing and yet challenges her to think of things that may or could be different.

As Keola is growing up quickly, there is another concurrent plot with Anaar search for a legendary treasure. The treasure to beat all treasures. For both humans and merpeople, what Anaar is chasing after is only a child's tale. Yet there are a few things that give Anaar hope when Keola unwittily aids her in this treasure hunting quest.

These two main threads of the story blend beautifully and I enjoyed the romantic element. Anaar falling for Keola is fun to watch for both the reader and Anaar's crew. The two females come from drastically different worlds and yet their love of the sea binds them together as if they were made for each other. This romantic fantasy is recommended to water lovers who enjoy ff romances.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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