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Review: A Prime's Passion by Shiloh Walker

★★★★★ @shilohwalker #APrimesPassion #NetGalley

Stunning new series by Ms. Shiloh takes me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. This first book of the Pretern Wars starts out with angst, heartbreak, betrayal, dark secret reveals and vengeance. I absolutely love it. There are some authors I automatically read without reading the blurb. Ms. Shiloh is one of the few that I will auto read but I must read the blurb to prepare myself. I need to brace myself for the inevitable tears and heart break. When it comes to Ms. Shiloh's books, I have a visceral passionate response. To sum up this book after I read the blurb. "This is going to be an angst filled one with me probably screaming at the idiot Niko."

I ended up not screaming because I read late into the night and didn't want to wake my spouse with my angry mutterings. Or have them wonder why I was sniffling with Kleenex in hand. The first thing I want to say is, why did I not know there are Mermaids and Water shifters in this story? I pray there will be story arcs devoted just to them. Meridia, Zee's best friend nearly steals the show for me. Honestly, the characters in this tale are rich and unique. I enjoyed learning about every single one of them. Usually secondary characters blend into the background because they are bland. Not so in this book. Each of them have a story to tell and I can't wait for that story to appear.

This one kicks off after Zee's 10 year exile. I like how we didn't have to start from the beginning and slowly build up to today's conflict. Instead, we dive right into the ramifications of an Alpha's impetuous and cruel words. Within 8% of the book I'm tearing up. I feel so bad for Zee. She's a female being torn apart due to a careless, arrogant male. I'm also incensed. By about 20% of the book, I'm livid and want Niko's butt in a sling and all his lieutenants slapped upside the head. I also want to cuddle Zee and protect her. Zee needs no protection. She is plenty strong. What she needs is acceptance and understanding. This is such a small ask that I can't even fathom how Niko and his bozo brigade messed this up so badly. I'm glad that Niko finally realized how much damage he caused and I hope he suffers the 9 levels of hell in regret, guilt and penance. No, I'm not bloodthirsty at all.

This story is more than a woman who's been done wrong. As the story unfolds a dark corruption is exposed. This multilayered plot is wonderfully woven with an erotic romance, new beginnings and acknowledgement of the past events. I am already re-reading my favourite parts in this story because Zee is a complete BAMF. Even if her body is being torn apart by being denied physical and emotional contact with her pack, she is a force to be reckon with. Even when she is beaten down, she will come back swinging. I love her. I'm still iffy on Niko because I'm not sure he deserves Zee.

This is a fantastic new series and I really hope it takes off because there are so many stories waiting to be told. I can't wait to see the direction Ms. Shiloh takes it. Once again, she moves me to tears. I love her writing. This erotic paranormal romance is highly recommended to readers who love a possessive alpha male who realizes he made a grave error and who love strong females who won't break, only bend.

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