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Review: A Selkie's Secret by Lauren Connolly

★★★★ #ASelkiesSecret @laurenaliciaCon

Straightforward selkies can be intimidating. Isla is a no-nonsense female on a mission. She accomplished her educational and professional goals so it is now time to reel her clueless mate in. Lucky for her, she knows exactly who it is. For selkies have a fated mate by the one who saved them. She has been putting it off for years, now she needs to get on the marriage bandwagon . . . chop chop. I love Isla. She comes across as maybe a bit autistic. This is what I love about her. She is so logical and matter of fact. Her lack of filter is what makes her charming.

This novella is a delightful glimpse into how regardless of species, there are bad experiences that may cause fear. Isla is the only child of overprotective parents. One of the cardinal rules her parents let her know is to stay away from humans because they are dangerous. Isla is now a grown woman and wants to spread her flippers so to speak. She thinks she knows who her mate is, but as it turns out, her heart is set on Finn Hammond, a dreaded human.

Finn and Isla's romance is comical, sweet, and wholesome. Well, wholesome in that there are no games being played or any manipulation going on. I mean, Isla's pretty direct with how she wants her orgasms. She just lays it all out. I like that about a woman. Her matter-of-fact manner is what makes her unique and especially attractive to Finn. This forbidden romance makes it even spicier.

Ms. Connolly weaves a water-tight tale beautifully. When it comes to paranormal romances, she is quickly becoming one of the top authors on my list. I will read anything she writes. This novella is deliciously sweet and a great introduction to the Folk Haven universe. I love this series and cannot wait to see more. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love their fated mate stories.


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