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Review: A Twist of Fate by Kelley Armstrong

★★★ @KelleyArmstrong #ATwistofFate @NetGalley

When Rosalind is spirited away into the future, what happens to those left behind? Jealousy, Anger, heartbreak, guilt, and dark secrets spill out in an unexpected manner. In this time traveling piece, we return to the Stitch in Time series. This can be read as a standalone book.

Rosalind is a new bride with with an overly protective husband and an adorable new born. She has everything she hoped for, except now, her loving husband is forcing her to walk on eggshells. She is constantly afraid of making him jealous. This does not bode well. Worse, when she tries to prevent her husband from flying into a jealous snit, she falls through a slip in time.

I have to admire Rosalind for finding a way to not only survive in the modern era but to actually thrive. It couldn't have been easy. Ms. Armstrong glosses over this piece and compresses time for readers to enjoy the meat of the story. Returning back to the past but years later must be disorienting. Rosalind's integration back into the family she left behind is both poignant and heartwarming.

I enjoyed the character interactions in this story. I also liked Rosalind for her determination. What I didn't expect was the mystery and multiple secrets that are revealed. Whilst the first two-third of the book moves at a slow pace, the last third picks up and whirls through to a satisfying conclusion.

I am mixed about these time travel books from Ms. Armstrong. They are different than her paranormal series Otherworld. I loved that series and I also enjoy Rockton, the murder mystery one. I adored her Nadia Stafford trilogy. This new series is kind of sci-fi with an element of romance. The two aren't gelling exactly right for me and I can't quite explain it. The story is well written, I just don't particularly like the romance part. For me, Ms. Armstrong's strengths have always been the world building, plots and character development. The romance part falls a little flat for me.

This historical romance defies categorization and is recommended to readers who enjoy a bit more sci-fi with a twist of gothic romance.

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