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Review: All the Dead Shall Weep by Charlaine Harris

What just happened here? Book 5 in this series is definitely not a standalone. This is best read in the order the series was written. I don't know what I expected for this book but it wasn't this. Before I dive into why this book threw me for a loop, I'd like to admire the book cover. I'm not a big book cover person but for some reason, this really appeals to me. I don't even like the colour pink or fushia or whatever colour this is as the background yet it really stands out and I like it.

This book's title completely captures the plot. There is death, death, and death. Which makes sense as Rose's sister Felicia is a death mage. Her specialty is to bring death to her enemies. And there are so many enemies in this one. I still don't fully understand the whole militia part of this story. It is also a bit of a quandary for me to learn about the different attacks Felicia had to do to defend Rose. Whilst this is all going on, Rose and Eli's relationship is on the rocks.

I would say that the most disturbing part of this story for me was Rose and Eli's break up. I don't feel like this was well thought out. The ending was a bit of wtfery too and I didn't like it. I've enough the plots of the previous books. This one felt more like a filler and random events where thrown together to make it a book. There is a lot going on between a broken marriage, a miscarriage, suitors falling over themselves to win Felicia's hands, a familial visitation gone wrong, and the unending killings. I am mixed about this book in the series and feel it is the weakest one of the set. I am interested in what will happen next with Felicia and the marriage ball. This gun-slinging sci-fi is recommended to readers already invested in this series.

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