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Review: Alpha's Promise by Rebecca Zanetti


Physics, alternate dimensions and sexy hunks offering research money, what is going on? Dr. Promise Williams is a down to earth gal who is one of the best in her fields. Her life is straightforward, maybe a tad boring but she is resigned this fact. Her entire world turns upside down when colleges in her field are brutally killed. When she gets kidnapped by a handsome Viking looking man, Promise's world goes into a crazy spiral.

I thoroughly enjoyed the deadpan humour in this book. Promise is not exactly autistic but she is awkward with human interactions. Or at least what our society deems as appropriate interactions. I find her forthright manner refreshing, uncomplicated and endearing. It appears, this plain speak works well with her kidnapper, Ivar Kjeidsen. Ivar is definitely a man out of his time period. He is an alpha male with an ingrained white knight syndrome. His interactions with Promise are hilarious.

The main focus of the story is trying to figure out why the dimensions are coming apart and how to navigate to save their last brother plus put an end to their enemy. It is a rocky ride and all does not go well. Still, the ride is thrilling. I enjoyed the action pack story punctuated with a few sexy romantic scenes between two essentially celibate people. It is sweet.

This book could be read as a standalone but there is a lot of history from the previous books that would make it hard to catch up on the nuances. If this book is read first, most likely a strong desire to read all the previous books in the order they were written, will occur. Ms. Zanetti delivers another winner. Recommended to readers who love smart females with their protective alpha males.


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