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Review: Always the One for Me by Carrie Ann Ryan

I really enjoyed the Wilder Brother series. I missed the earlier books and now I am going to back to read them. I would recommend reading these in order because each book in the series builds upon previous events. In addition, the writing gets better with each new book. This is the origin story for Evan. It is a traumatic one and heartbreaking. In his messed up thinking, he felt the only way to prevent someone from being hurt was to let them go. I have zero idea how logic works for people like this. Because it makes no sense to me.

Still, Evan's disaster of a relationship with Kendall is all self inflicted. Seeing the aftermath of it is painful, especially from both perspectives as he still loves her. She still loves him. The two of them trying to work together is hard enough. Adding on the PTSD Evan experiences only adds to the turmoil. As if this isn't enough, the way Kendall is treated by her own family takes the cake. I have no idea what Kendall did in a past life but she is certainly paying for it now.

How many times can a woman be disappointed and let down by the ones who are supposed to love her? It seems there is no end in sight in how Kendall can be torn down. I feel for her. I want to smack Evan upside the head when he does something illogical. I want to ban Kendall's family from ever contacting her if all they do is spew out toxic gaslighting.

This story is as much about Kendall as it is about Evan. These two together do make a whole. Watching them navigate and finding their way back to each other is heartwarming. The mishaps along the way only make the ending sweeter. This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who love second chance romances.


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