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Review: Archangel's Light by Nalini Singh

★★★★ @NaliniSingh @TRRtweet @BerkleyRomance #ArchangelsLight #NetGalley

When it comes to loving from a far and deep yearning, Ms. Singh is one of my favourite romance writers. In this newest addition to the Guild Hunter series, it feels like we are taking a little breather from the horrors of war and devastation. This is not to say that there isn't an insidious evil secret that hammers down on an already downtrodden people. It means that there is less of the aftermath of war and more of the love growing between two friends.

I loved this story because I needed something uplifting to read. In a time of noisy gloom, us vs them mentality and fear mongering, Ms. Singh creates a much needed story about survival, rebuilding and a new beginning. Illium and Aodhan have been secondary yet important characters throughout this series. These two powerful, gorgeous yet battle hardened angels are impressive. Even among the angels, they are well known, admired and lusted after. In this story, we learn of their friendship since the beginning.

The switching of back and forth between the past and the current time is perfectly transitioned in this book. I loved seeing the impetuous Illium leading poor Aodhan into mischief. These two playmates create an adorable image of two chubby little cherubs with a sparkle in their eyes. Learning about how they grew together and how many little and big events they experienced together shows how strong a bond they have together. Which makes this story even more troublesome as their current relationship is extremely strained. It makes a person question how even the strongest of foundation can be cracked and crumble due to change, miscommunication and the best of intentions.

Whilst Illium and Aodhan are trying to find their way back to being best friends, they encounter more heinous crimes. The discovery and handling of it shows the breaks in their attitude towards each other and this conflict helps them finally confront their issues. I love it.

This beautifully woven friendship built over the centuries mesomorphs into a sensual loving relationship. The deepening of their existing love for each other is a beautiful sight to witness. Along with their romance, they help a war torn people find a new beginning and help them start fresh to rebuild a once great nation. This story is all about hope, trust and love. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who are tired of the infighting and look for hope and healing inspiration.

*provided by NetGalley


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