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Review: Archangel's Sun by Nalini Singh

★★★★★ @NaliniSingh #bookreview #mustread #netgalley

This book is a delightful look into Archangels who have been pivotal secondary characters. For those who have missed a couple of books in this series, this is a great one to dive back into the series. For those just picking this book up, be forewarned, it may generate a huge spending spree to read all the previous books in the series. This book can be read as a standalone but would be much more enjoyable reading with more background from previous books.

"I want to help clean up after a devastating war" said no one ever. Titus is now responsible for Africa and it is a cluster of epic proportions. The hideous reborn are causing mortal problems across the continent. When Titus finally asks for help from his other archangels, he did not expect the help in the form of the infamous Hummingbird. The Hummingbird is a fragile and much beloved artist. Her paintings move grown men to weep. She is used to the light side of light and she's a "hummingbird" for goodness sake. She is delicate and used to the finer things in life. Protected by many and loved by all, what possible good can she provide?

I loved how Ms. Singh extrapolates how people who have lived centuries would respond. How they lose their mortality and touch with with human afflicts. How they may forget their past and some of their memories. What I loved most about this book, is a female who has been "lost" and broken for centuries finally finds herself when her people need her the most.

Cleaning up after a war torn country is not an easy feat. When there are active monsters who can bring down even the most power saviours and heroes, this creates quite the plot device. Hummingbird's interactions with Titus as she is recalling her past and becoming whole again is hilarious. Her strength and her position in this world can not allow her to just submit and yield to a warrior who is responsible for millions. Just as Titus cannot forget and toss his responsibilities aside for someone he is falling in love with.

Ms. Singh does a wonderful job in fleshing out these two characters and giving them the voice for their love story. The trials and tribulations they face together from a work and personal front is multilayer and complicated. This world which always held a bit more darkness is desolately grim. With the need for the lighter and joyous side, Hummingbird surprises everyone with her forgotten skills and continues to be a beacon of hope.

This paranormal romance is highly recommended to readers who love second chances and a heroine who finds herself.

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