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Review: Beneath a Darkening Moon by Keri Arthur

★★★★ @kezarthur #BeneathaDarkeningMoon #TBRPile

This can be read as a standalone. I read the first book several years ago and wanted to read about the twin, Savannah. Ms. Arthur's foreword explains that this book is not in the Riley series but is in fact its precursor. This I can definitely see and I like it. Savannah is a ranger who is trying to keep the peace for her people - werewolves. When a brutal murder occurs, her unresolved past comes to bite her.

Can see a bit of Savannah as Riley 1.0. I like Savannah. She is a woman doing the best she can with her restrictive father, pack, and unreasonable ex-lover. Cade on the other hand is a jerk-off. I am not a fan. Their conflict is built on his ego and assumptions. The heart longs for what it longs for. Both of these characters were young. Savannah was only 18. Let's be real here. Cade needs to own up to his mistakes because he was not only older but an adult in the workforce, working on a job. What he did was disappointing and frustrating.

Characters aside, I felt this duology was going to be a more extensive series but ended prematurely because Ms. Arthur moved on. There is a world where that could be expanded into more. I can see how this is the starter book that led to Riley's series. The werewolves' moon call mixed in with sexual need was ahead of its time.

There were a few subplots that I would have liked to see a bit more fleshed out or at least receive confirmation closure. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be. I would have liked to see a bit more of Savannah's father. Perhaps a follow-up of years after these events take place, to see what happens after happily ever after would be nice. Still, this is a Ms. Arthur book so I know that she ends them when she ends them. I admire this about her because unlike other authors who seem to not be able to let go, she ends hers and leaves readers wanting more. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy second chance romances.


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