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Review: Best Friends by Laurann Dohner

This series continues to capture my attention. For those who love the Lora Leigh Breed series, this is similar and just as wonderful. There was quite a wait between book 14 and 15. Then the pandemic happened and I forgot all about it. Fortunately, working on my TBR shelf, I found I actually purchased this a while go and pulled it up to read. My only regret is waiting so long to read it. This book can be read as a standalone. It is better to read after the other books because many of the secondary characters had their own books.

This story is aptly named. It is about two best friends who end up finding a mate in the New Species when they help out. I liked how this story is really two stories in one. Best friends Mel and Mary are paired up with males. The contrast with Mel's flirtation and interest in Snow against Mary's accidental pairing with Lash is nicely done. The similarities in how they both have to learn about the details of the New Species brings it together. Whilst I liked both Snow and Lash, I kind of like Lash a bit more. Is is probably because he is he more primal between the two. I cannot fault Lash for how he lives his life. Unfortunately, so many things about Lash scare the beejezzus out of Mary. It is amusing and at times, charming.

Mary's frame of reference for life is so different than Lash's experience. To have them meet in the middle and want to create a life together is sweet, if a bit unrealistic. Still, this is a romance and I'd like to think with constant communication and how straight forward Lash is, it will work out. I also enjoyed this book because I needed something uncomplicated and filled with snark and humour. This story delivers some brutal honesty about the dark side of humans. It is balanced with the healing and community of support for the New Species.

This romance is recommended for readers who like damaged authentic males who find their spunky mate.


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