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Review: Between Bloode and Craft by Marie Harte

★★★★ @MHarte_Author #BetweenBloodeandCraft

Sitting behind a desk or in this case, working complex spells in the safety of the office is becoming mundane for Macy. As a stickler for rules, this out-of-the-norm desire to work as an agent in the field for MEC is unexpected. Macy doesn't even fully understand it herself, but she wants to help fight the baddies and bring in some good intel to help her move up in the ranks. This is understandable. The only concern is . . . Macy does not have the training for it and she's being led astray without knowledge of the devil on her shoulder.

Book two in this series pulls me in faster and harder than the first. It could be because I'm now aware of the world-building and I understand what is going on. This book also has more action that is up my alley. I also liked Macy. She's trying to help out and she accidentally is pulled into something bigger that she doesn't understand. Her initiative or accident depending on whose perspective allows her to become something that hasn't been seen in centuries.

I also liked Duncan. He's the suave vampire who is hilarious. I love his inner thoughts. He amuses me. His interactions with his new bloode brothers are a stitch. Each of these vampires is unique with their own personality. I like this because so many times I find characters to blend and I can't remember who is who. It is easy to remember Duncan because he is created in a distinctive way and easy for me to remember. Macy is also a character in her dual personality, not of her own choosing.

I like the blending of mythologies in this story just as I like how Hectate is represented in this book. Her interactions with mortals, immortals, and others is always a treat. Her speakeasy basement is a place I would enjoy hanging out. There is a richness to this story that makes me want to learn more and see what happens. I understand the plan will be for each of these vampires to find their mate. I look forward to seeing how Ms. Harte brings the female into these vampires' life. It will be an adventure every time.

This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love happily ever afters and a female lead who is surrounded by the love of her family.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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