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Review: Blink of an Eye by Iris Johansen

★★★★ @Iris_Johansen #netgalley #BlinkofanEye

Witnessing Kendra's magic of observation never gets old. Just like the kids at the academy she attended, I'm enthralled and love when she figures things out. In this eagerly anticipated book, it is even more of a suspense/thriller with Kendra's friend, Delilah missing. This is now very personal and Kendra pulls out all the stops to bring Delilah home, not only in one piece but alive.

Whilst this book can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading all the books in this series to understand the complicated relationship Kendra has with Lynch. He does appear as a white knight in shining armour again in this book, even though Kendra resents it. I find that their romantic interest in each other is out of synch. I understand Lynch's job is top secret at times, but he can't even leave a quick message saying "will miss you, work called"? Is that too much to ask? Will that violate something for his work as a breach of security? It just doesn't make sense because he calls her and he finishes his job so quickly and pulls in all kinds of favours when she is in need. Yet he can't do this one little thing? I don't know if this is supposed to be some kind of forced conflict so that Kendra doesn't end up with Lynch or what, but it is kind of pointless and I'm tired of it. For me, either get with Lynch or dump him, because it is getting in the way of the plot and story.

Kendra's friendship and partnering up with Jessie to help find Delilah is fantastic. I love the women friends around Kendra. They are supportive of each other and quite frankly, the men in these stories are either sycophants or jealous jerks. Other than perhaps Metcalf and Lynch, every man in this book is just worthless. I digress. The sleuthing part of this book is what keeps me reading on. I could not put this book down because I had an inkling of who kidnapped Delilah. The red herrings and the two steps backwards after finding each lead is what gave me the clue as to who did the dastardly deed. I enjoyed how the authors Johansen set this up and the tension and need to find Delilah is well done. I really liked how Kendra isn't perfect in this story and her mistakes had grave consequences. It makes her more human. I also like how even the best plans by Lynch can go sideways and become a complete FUBAR. This entire story is so well written and captivating. I cannot get enough of Kendra and I look forward to this series going on and on forever.

This suspense is highly recommended to readers who like hard hitting detective work.

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