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Review: Blood on the Tide by Katee Robert

Currently on a Katee Robert kick, I tried one of her new series. I am mixed on this one. I like the world building. I especially enjoy the characters. The plot also works for me. What I do find interesting is the use of non-binary gender. Looking at the author's more updated bio, it trends with their current pronouns. For those who struggle with pronouns and consider it a fad, this book may annoy you. For those who could care less and want to read a good book, continue on! This is book two which I did read as a standalone. It took a few chapters to orient myself to the storyline. Author Katee Robert does a nice job of cluing new readers into the the current situation.

Lizzie is a vampire in a completely different universe. She followed a lover into this world for revenge and wouldn't you know it, she ends up on a different quest. The start of this story is slow and frustrating for me because I feel like Lizzie's completely received the raw end of the deal from her former lover. I am outraged at the wrongs committed against Lizzie. It seems as if no one cares and to pile it on, they feel Lizzie is not the victim. Even at the end of this book whilst the original issue may have been resolved to a degree, I still don't like how it turned out for Lizzie and what her lover did. That subplot aside, I loved the quest Lizzie ended up on.

Lizzie pairs up with Maeve, a selkie with a stolen fur. If there is one thing that gets me, it is a selkie with a stolen fur. It is at least in the top 5 things in paranormal romances that incense me. Why? Because it is tearing a person apart physically and the reason behind it is always selfish and usually heinous. In this one, it definitely is both. I'm disgusted. These two unlikely partners go through several different trials and side quests to ultimately end up where they want to be. Funny enough, where Lizzie ends up is not her original goal and I cannot be sad for her. I am happy with Lizzie's new world. I just shudder to think what will happen when the reckoning comes from her mother.

The pace of this story ebbs and flows as Lizzie and Maeve run into obstacles to overcome. At one point Maeve arrives at a dead end and becomes forlorn. I enjoyed the highs and lows of the emotions throughout this story. It helps build the bond between Lizzie and Maeve. This Ff paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy quests, questionable antiheroes, and where there be monsters encounters.

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